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Uzoma Okoro

Leaders CornerJun 26, 2017

Uzoma Okoro: Learn More Learn more about Uzoma Okoro, a professional enviornmentalist & author.

In 2014, he transitioned the Supervisor from Design for the Golden 1 Facility Arena his positioned in Sacramento, California. With the help of Okoro's management, negotiation capabilities, and direction as supervisor of new customer acquisitions as well as recognition ineffective fixed engineering procedures, the Golden 1 Facility Sector, is currently the best scientifically sophisticated featuring place in the nation and the initial LEED PLATINUM field in the country.

CEO of Design for Eco-Alpha Environmental as well as Design Solutions. Along with interest for ecological problems and a forerunner in the field of technical design, Okoro graduated from the California Maritime Academy in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mechanical Design. He is competent in establishments and working effectiveness enhancements, locations cost-reduction methods, revenue marketing tactics, and also client associations.

As technical appointing manager for EYP Purpose Important Facilities, he was accountable for the growth as well as execution from dozens pre-functional, useful, and also integrated devices exams for new and existing facilities. From 2005 to 2011, he enhanced the electricity produced and operational techniques for various data facilities in the specialist industry.

In 2011, Okoro transitioned off region information center performance and also operational procedures for the acquisition and even execution of 3rd party supplier contracts for 15 locations-- off Fla to The golden state. As the company locations engineering supervisor for The Medical professionals Firm, he was in charge of all information facility Technical Electric Plumbing system (MEP) operations as well as maintenance. His enthusiasm for environmental matters, lead him to promote and implement updated and made specific effectiveness criteria and upgrades for every location.

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