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For The Love Of Yoga On The Roads Of Cambodia

Henry M. McCleanOct 26, 2017

For The Love Of Yoga On The Roads Of Cambodia

Yoga with ramanand Patel and HART last year in the month of March a laser to reshape my relationship with yoga and meditation camp I attended. Ever since that day, in Siem Reap, Cambodia yoga retreat I couldn't find the right time to write this. It's been over over a year. It's time now... I'm starting to.


After a long flight I arrived in Siem Reap by changing the season and time. Before we look into seclusion HART-to be honest - I didn't even know Cambodia's location on the map; now I can't forget. Again I was alone. Usually deal with it in the way I prefer it, because habits, memorization behavior models and also the bag enters the codes. Comes when you're alone, of course, we always carry ourselves with us, but I think it's a small area to undress from roles; being on the road alone is a step beyond your comfort area.

At a speed of 800 kilometers per hour towards the sun and the light from the first light of morning I flew into Turkey, I got 5 hours early. The summer and spring in the same way. The weather was 35 degrees when I arrived. For the love of yoga so far, maybe I will never set foot on the land it was not of existence, that I won't be even aware places I've seen. Kaz wandered in the mountains like never before thanks to Yoga Burn, I lay down to Cappadocia, in the Alps I set up the tent, I made bus journeys to Tibet from Nepal, and now I was in Cambodia.


The first night at dinner we sat together in a table where the participants met with the group and started our camp. From all over the world, participating in around the table there were in every age and every experience. The next morning, we have taken the first steps to work with the practice of meditation. Each day a student practices iyengar asana B. K. S., Ramanand Patel, HART meditation studies we've done with the laser.

We stopped on a few basic every day exposure ramanand. For example Vodafone; postures such as trikonasana, which will bring light to your body in the pose that it was important to tell us of the status. Each in Adana, minor movements and rotations that can't keep up your mind, we worked at a level of awareness in everyday life. His body slowly opened, each in Adana. Without haste. With the right methods, and in his own time. Away gradually as the bones from the inside, we tried to create a field. Ramanand suggested that attention to intensify the asanas in three important points: pelvic joint, shoulder joint and brain. We are focusing attention during asanas.

When working with a trainer who experienced and knows the true meaning of yoga, yoga is the gateway to a much deeper journey of learning. The first day, 3 hours, maybe only 4 asana (trikonasana, Vodafone virtual, and virasa parsvakonasa) and two 25-min meditation we did. I ‘It's just that? We supposed to the sun at least a few times to say Hi,’ I say. Of course when I saw the effects, my mind was quiet, and I chose to be delivered in the coming days.

Ramanand “automatically generally true is not what you're doing,” he says, by listening to their instincts and to us moment by moment be aware of it was leading to. This may apply to both automatic our reactions to both the practice of yoga. Practicing for long years the body and the habit can very quickly go to the stage in question here, the fact that it can create a barrier to awareness. In everyday life we can think we gave the same thing for sudden reactions.

When giving directions in each of Adana, the release of the abdomen, the breath meditation can Free the brain and therefore was ready for. “You can do it the best. Don't create stress. (Do your best. Try not to stress)” was one of the things that repeat like a Mantra ramanand Courses. He reminded that benchmarking should be done and often, for even the children should be to teach you how to do a comparison.


We'd repeat those sentences again with the laser before each meditation HART: Let my heart turn to practice. Let's practice a path to create slideshows. Let's take this path dissolve confusion. Let confusion become wisdom*

(*My heart, practice opened. Get a practical way. This way, you can solve the confusion. Confusion becomes wisdom).

Hart applications with techniques such as breath counting meditation that we do every morning with sometimes deneyimledik as a step towards concentration, sometimes light, heavy or challenging, with tags, looking at them, the texture of the thoughts are examined. Different meditation techniques we have looked to how we talk with ourselves in our internal language we questioned. With the curiosity of a child, and just remembering the answers without asking. Family issues, unresolved issues and tensions accumulate in the body... When examining all these different meditation in everyday life, we perform analyze, repair, and mechanisms such as a place beyond blame. Though what thinking is very slow compared to the reaction of the nervous system to the world. What, why, and how we react to a work effort that requires quite a few to examine. Rather than answering questions about we were staying.

Hart, before every practice, “what brings me here? Would prefer to do here instead?” suggested questions to ask ourselves before each application, and without an expectation of meditation, we need to focus on the results said.

The grip of Conditioning into the concept of impermanence, the feeling of happiness when you are looking at every experience with a precision fine of what is happening at that moment, we watched it. Last day in the line of awareness... we all could see that shadow about him there is a side to work on their own and sheds light on them.