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Best Travel Shoes, As Seen Through the Eyes of a Tour Guide

Porfirio ArendsFeb 02, 2017

Now this is a topic that has been on my mind for awhile. You see, I am a tour guide. One thing that tour guides do a lot is walk. As a tour guide, you definitely develop a certain understanding what your feet need in order to feel good. And most important of those things is a good pair of shoes. Shoes that don't fit well can make your day a huge pain. Shoes that are not suitable for the current weather can make you ill. Shoes that don't fit your outfit will make you look stupid. The best travel shoes will heavily depend on when and where you are going.

Therefore, you will need to think really well which shoes you want to put on if you have to do a lot of walking. In particular, if you are going on a trip. Have a read over at http://travelshoespro.com/. Traveling puts certain limitations on what kind of things you can take with you and what kind of things it makes sense to take with you. For example, you wouldn't take sandals to a cold Nordic country. You want warm boots if you're going in the winter, and light shoes if you're going there in the summer. It's the opposite for tropical countries: you will have no use of heavy boots if it's +30 degrees Celsius. You will want to have sandals or very very light summer shoes on your feet, because anything else will be just too tiring or too hot for your feet.

You should also consider what kind of shoes will fit into your luggage, because obviously luggage space is limited. This applies even more so if you only have cabin luggage with you. It's very useful to note that the best travel shoes are those that are versatile in their function with you and fit several of your outfits that you are taking with you.

Getting a pair of the best travel shoes can be crucial for having a nice vacation abroad. Getting an unsuitable pair of shoes can turn your vacation into a bit of a disaster. As a tour guide, I cannot stress enough the importance of choosing your footwear well.