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Upgraded System To A I7 6700k And GTX 1080

renatoDec 01, 2016

We proceeded to go reasonably customary with this checks, we switched off the Virus Scanning device and the MalWare program, taken out extra drives on the device and just kept the key MX100 SSD so no indexing would happen, We emptied Prefetch and the cache between investigations. Image changing the i7 6700K obtained a 95.631 and conquer the other processors and it only bought better once we overclocked it simply. The 4960x peaked out prior to the 6700K by only a hair and again we may attribute that to sooner Ram and having 2 more cores. In SuperPi the 6700K and 4790K ran so close jointly we might name it a tie up however the 4790K gets the good thing about quicker memory, the 6700K is working 2400MHz HyperX and the 4790K is functioning 2666MHz HyperX presenting it slightly edge. We believe you hearth the 5920K just as much as its normal 4.4GHz rate it would supply the 6700K some trouble however our company is mainly looking at inventory rates of speed with the GPU on both systems. Whenever we slapped the R9 390 4G on the 6700K things bought even higher and it obtained a 7605. Put merely, x264 HD Standard is a reproducible way of measuring fast your machine can encode a short HD high quality online video into a high quality x264 video document.

After we got the R9 380 4G in the intel core I7 6700K and we topped the graph and obtained a 7280 in Leisure. To have the ability to see any real visual variations you'll need to visit a CPU and mother board that bottlenecks the video recording cards, we simply don't notice that frequently unless employing a few GTX 980Ti in SLI or a few Titans. The trouble with motherboards and GPU's nowadays is stick any trendy GPU into any trendy motherboard and the ratings will be shut collectively.

The genuine four.2GHz turbo velocity of the i7 6700k was pretty nice so we decided to put it near the top of our Computation list, have a look at. X264HD see's the 6700K at 20.17 two move when OC'd and eighty.34. OC the 6700K and it visits 89.46 two mix and sole move it strikes 22.23 and for a few odd purpose the 4960X squeaked prior it by simply a few FPS possibly the additional cores on the Hex taken it prior to the 6700K Quad. We slipper the obsolete R9 380 onto the 6700K and the 5920k and when again the bigger native quickness of the i7 6700K bested the 5920K at stock speed.

We ran almost all of the assessments with the HD530 Integrated Images processor chip on the 6700K but we also tossed a R9 380 4G in to the combination. Through the 4770K to the 6700K we received little if any differentiation in rates of speed so our company is calling the storage area look into a tie. THE VERY LAST Test in 3DDraw was SkyDiver and the 6700K strike 4421 stock rate and OC'd it struck 4791 which is not shabby for an IGP at all best gaming motherboard for I7 6700K. The i7 6700 with the R9 380 4G strike 28454 and the 5920K was laborious pressed to squeak by ut with a just a bit increased credit score however little or nothing definitive sufficient to declare a get. Working at stock speed the 6700K obtained a 20757 and (Spoiler Alert) working at 4.8GHz we struck 24511 which really is a nice enhance. We ran CineBench and the 6700K defeat out all the processors aside from the Hexacore 5920K which conquer out the 6700K by a couple of hundred factors when outfitted with the R9 380.

Contemplating that the 4960k has 6 cores and the Skylake 6700K has four you can just about call a get for Skylake mostly predicated on a main vs core comparability. It's good because of this of every person working it will use exactly the same online video and computer software. A 900K was employed by us Big Buck Bunny video and trans-coded it from AVI to MP4 thrice, we added up those three goes and averaged the ratings reported here. The Intel I7 6700K have well in Unigine Heaven four.0 edging out the 5820k by way of a few FPS.