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Addicted to κερατσινι? Us Too. 6 Reasons We Just Can't Stop

Genoveva NickieFeb 11, 2019

Keratsini is a big residential area of Piraeus and component of the Athens city complicated. The distance from the center of Athens is about 11 km. The area was formerly a farmhouse, but it was strongly urbanized, mainly after the 1950s. The main square of Evgenia is decorated by the statue of the Asia Minor, which was put up in memory of the evacuees from the Asia Minor Catastrophe settled in the area. Pavlos Fissa Method is the business area of the city with numerous shops.


The Ancient Times

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The first negotiation of the Community was improved the hillside of Agios Georgios Hillside at a factor positive to the opportunity of raids as well as presence at sea. The foundations next to the church of St. George and the numerous locates offer evidence that the very first settlement in the area was built around 3000 BC. The name of the location was Thymedata and also was neighboring with the piratical negotiation of Heracles, both of which belonged to Old Athens. The settlement was located on the present Avenue of Freedom, which attaches Piraeus, Keratsini as well as Perama as well as the center of Athens. It is guessed that Theseus built his ships there, based upon Plutarch's recommendation to the Identical Life. The site was abandoned momentarily when Xerxes settled there.

Newer Period

The history of the District throughout the Roman as well as Byzantine periods is unidentified. In the 17th century, on capital of Agios Georgios was developed the initial church in the name of Saint Nicholas. The monks of the monastery of Agios Spyridon called the location from Agios Dionysios (old limits) to capital of Agios Georgios Agriamen. Nonetheless, this name did not prevail. The main name, both in Ottoman and also Greek files, was Keratsinion or Tseratsinion, with the last being extra common. The initial one dominated in the Modern Greek periods. The name Keratsinion is an intricate word from the Kerathia that grew there and from the name of the owner of the whole area from capital of Agios Georgios to the Manitica as well as from today's burial ground of Anastasios to Drapetsona, called Ginis or Gynis.

Modern History

Throughout the Greek Revolution, Georgios Karaiskakis, that constructed the fortifications in Tabouria, worked out in Keratsini. In 1827 the city was ruined by Kioutachis Pasha and stayed deserted till 1830. In 1836 the inhabitants started to resolve once again as well as in 1840 the area (currently called New town of Tseratsini) belonged to the Community of Athens. In 1870 it came to be an independent community called Keratsini Village. The Piraeus, in honor of Karaiskakis, developed a temple alongside the chapel of Agios Nikolaos. In 1879 the website was remodelled and also converted into an abbey. In 1963, the temple was destroyed as well as a young man was built in 2000. Every year, the "Karaiskakia" is organized by the Holy Church of St. George, wanting to honor the Revolutionary Hero, George Karaiskakis.

After the arrival of the refugees from Smyrna on 18 January 1934 the location was transformed right into a district called the Community of Tabouri. Later on it was relabelled to the Town of Agios Georgios Keratsini, and from 1936 to 1947 the town was called the District of Amfialis on the effort of the then mayor, Konstantinos Filandrou. In 1947 the present name was developed, the Municipality of Keratsini.

In Keratsini, on 13 October 1944, the Fight of Electric, a dispute between ELAS as well as armed employees and also various other citizens on the one hand and also the retreating German conquerors on the other. The triumph of the former stopped the devastation of the power plant, which the latter tried to blow up. The destruction of the plant would certainly make it difficult for κερατσινι the basin to be energized for a long time. There is http://edition.cnn.com/search/?text=keratsini an exhibition of the Historic Archive of Pay Per Click and also a memorial to the dead competitors has been erected.


Leoforos Dimokratis - Keratsini

The District of Keratsini is related to the municipality of Drapetsona in 2011 along with other districts in Greece.